The Mission of the Academy    

Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary is the successor and upholder of the traditions of the higher theological schools and educational centres. On the basis of the Canon Law and of the agreement, concluded between the Republic of Georgia and the Autocephalic Apostolic Orthodox Church of Georgia, in accordance with article 475 of the “Law of the State of Georgia on Higher Education”, it executes the programmes on three stages of education in Orthodox theology (Baccalaureate, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree). The entire scope of work encompasses the following objectives:

1. Preparation of the personnel for:

Ordination as clergymen;

Scientific work in theology;

Scientific and pedagogical activity;

Work in theology, Christian psychology, ecclesiastical architecture, Christian art and theory, iconography, restoration of easel and monumental iconography.

  1. Foundation of scientific and research centres in the fields of theology, philology, Christian philosophy, Church history, Christian anthropology, Canon Law, dogmatics, ecclesiastical architecture, iconography, restoration of Easel and monumental iconography, study of religions, Christian psychology and Christian art history and theory.
  2. Other educational and scientific activities which serve the process of teaching and strengthening of the Orthodox faith and values.